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From Gillian...

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I have spent the past year traveling across the state and meeting with families from all walks of life. Families who have actual problems - limited or no broadband, lack of access to essential healthcare services like mental health and addiction care, and crippling financial insecurity.

I’ve been asked so many times how we planned to address these issues from a federal standpoint. And the answer is that, in order to do so, we need action at both the federal and state level. Education, healthcare, and economic stability - particularly in our rural communities and non-wealthy metropolitan communities - are problems that can and must be addressed on the state level.

That’s why I’m running for Treasurer. To answer the questions all Wisconsin families have. To work with Governor Evers’ administration to address the needs of ALL of our communities. And to be a partner and resource to our new Democratic U.S. Senator from Wisconsin.

Over the years as a physician, too many patients have told me they have put off medical care for fear of financial struggle. In my practice, that means not knowing if you have breast cancer. That’s dangerous and scary. We have to do better for our communities. As Treasurer, in partnership with other public servants, I know we can expand access to healthcare, help people with the cost of prescription drugs and improve education in our schools. These are policies that can change lives.

I am a University of WI - Madison fellowship-trained radiologist, and I currently live in Wausau, WI with my husband, German Shepherd, Stella, two teenage children, and their laundry.